Exercise Your Choice with the Numerous Motorcycle Bags

With motorcycle bags, a big load is lifted off your head when you know you can ride fast and strong to any distance without worrying about the security and the safe storage of your stuff. We are delving into the types of motorcycle bags based mainly on their utility and storage space. To start with, these days synthetic leather bags are in high demand due to their easy maintenance and durability. Therefore, try picking these. Here are some key types of motorcycle bags:

  • Handlebar Bags: As the name suggests, you can fix them between the handlebars and can easily remove them. Due to the convenient placing and removal, bikers usually like these handy bags. Albeit, avoid carrying costly items in them. These bags are not too large and can work well with the motorcycles proposing ample space on the handlebars. Roll bags, windshield bags, tool bags, swing arm bags, and fork bags
    are some other convenient and small bags of the similar category.
handle bar bags

Handle Bar Bags

  • Saddlebags: They easily fit on the sides of the bike and you can conveniently remove them. These bags offer a lot of luggage space and are often available at pocket-friendly prices. You can carry bike tools, papers, your cell, etc. in these. While purchasing a saddlebag for your motorbike, make sure it is secured with a proper lock, easily accessible buckles, and is durable. Motorcycle bags supported by a metal frame are usually sturdy and last longer. And yes, do not forget to pick a bag proportionate in size with your motorcycle. Chopper bags are a subtle, smaller variation of saddlebags.


motorcycle saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddle bags


  • Trunks: These are mostly installed permanently at the back of your bike. Made of hard materials, like hardened leather, aluminum, and metal, they are highly durable. You have choices in the lid style as well. You can go for lower or higher lids. A softer, detachable alternative to the trunks is the tail bags.
motorcycle trunks

Motorcycle Trunks


Tank Bags: You fit these on the motorcycle front on the tank cover and are just as small as the handlebar bags. They help store handy items like pens, cards and other such small items.

Motorcycle Trunk

Motorcycle Trunk Bags

Along with providing the storage space, motorcycle bags also boost the aesthetic value of your bike. While the leading bike brands like Harley Davidson offer customized bags, most others do not. Therefore, see the maker of your bike before you go ahead with the purchase. All the motorcycle bags come with the installation manual and are mostly easy to install.

Equip Your Motorcycle with Multi-Featured Kawasaki Saddle Bags

Kawasaki motorcycles have taken a prominent position among motorcycles of other brands. There are now available specialized motorcycle bags available for these motorcycles. For a Kawasaki motorcycle, Kawasaki Saddle Bags are made in beautiful exterior to match with these gorgeous motorcycles. These saddlebags can carry large amounts of belongings of the rider because these are used in pair unlike any other motorcycle luggage. You can select a pair of these Kawasaki bags for your motorcycle from the wide variety available in the market. These bags facilitate the rider with number of advantages. Following are given some characteristics of these bags:

1)      Availability in Variety of Designs:

The leather made saddlebags are provided both in plain and decorated exterior enabling the rider to have a simple classic or stylish appearance of his/her motorcycle. The decorated leather bags have stain less steel studs and buckles on them. The hard saddlebag is also made in eye catching exterior. These hard bags made of fiber glass have either leather covering or paint-able glossy exterior.

2)      Capable to be Renewed Whenever Required:

Kawasaki saddlebags made of fiber glass can be renewed easily by painting them in any color. It is not necessary to paint these saddlebags only when they start getting obsolete, these bags can also be given a new look different from the previous one in case you want to have a different appearance of your motorcycle luggage.

3)      Carry Different kinds of Luggage at the Same Time:

These Kawasaki bags are provided with number of inner and outer compartments. The inner compartments provide the facility to carry number of different kinds of belongings in them. It also makes it possible for the rider to have organized carriage of the small sized belongings. The leather made Kawasaki bag has outer small pockets for keeping small sized belongings of the rider. You can keep you mobiles phone, note pads and other tiny things in these pockets.

4)      Enhance the Appearance of Your Motorcycle:

The attachment of the two saddlebags with your motorcycle gives it a heavy and bulky appearance. Thus enhance the appearance of your motorcycle. The cubic and slanted shaped hard saddlebags give your motorcycle a stylish and glamorous look.

5)      Water and Dust Proof Saddlebags:

These Kawasaki viking bags made of fiber glass are made water and dust proof. The air tight lid of these bags enables the rider to carry different kinds of eatables also along with the ride. You can easily carry different electronic goods, some papers or documents in these water proof saddlebags.

Sissy Bar Bags Occupying Least Space on a Motorcycle

What kind of motorcycle luggage would you prefer for having multi- days tour with your friends? One will certainly think about required space for carrying all the needed belongings along with the rider. The average sized belongings that you might require for fully enjoying the tour with your buddies include different types of eatables, some small sized music system and a pair of clothes. You can carry all these belongings by giving up very little space of your motorcycle. Sissy bar bags which are attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle, occupy very little space of the motorcycle as compared to other types of motorcycle luggage thus these bags enable you to carry enough amount of luggage sacrificing very little space of your motorcycle. Below are given some features of these bags:

1)  Rider Can Increase the Required Space Using these Bags:

A sissy bar bag is capable to be expanded if the rider wants to carry more than required amount of luggage along with the motorcycle. Thus you can carry extra amount of luggage by attaching more than one bag on a sissy bar bag.

2)  Can be Installed Very Conveniently:

A sissy bar bag can be installed very conveniently as compared to other types of motorcycle luggage. You just have to attach this bag to the sissy bar of your motorcycle by using sissy bar pad. These bags thus take very little effort of the rider in the installation. You can also detach these bags in no time.

3)  Also Serve as  a Back Rest:

This motorcycle luggage also serves as a back rest during traveling. Thus enables the rider to have a convenient ride during traveling. Sissy bar bags therefore provide dual functionality i.e. both as a motorcycle bags luggage as well as a backrest during traveling.

4)  Easy Carriage of Small Sized Belongings:

Sissy bar bags are provided with many outer pockets and inner compartments. A rider can easily carry a variety of small sized belongings along his/her motorcycle using these pockets. Thus these sissy bags provide the rider with organized luggage management.

5)  Can also be Used as a Common Luggage Bag:

You can attach wheel frame with a sissy bar bag to use it as a conventional luggage bag if you need to carry your belongings along with you on reaching your destination.

You can also use viking saddle bags along with a sissy bar bag to carry massive amount of luggage along with you.

Motorcycle Glove Enabling the Rider to Properly Control the Motorcycle

The primary purpose of all motorcycle apparels is to provide security to the rider during traveling. As there are available motorcycle apparels for protecting the legs and upper body part of the rider, there is also used motorcycle glove for protecting rider’s hand from getting severely injured. These motorcycle gloves are made in variety of material thus providing different levels of protection to the rider. Some of the widely used materials in the manufacturing of motorcycle gloves are leather, Textile and others. Below are given some of the characteristics of motorcycles gloves:

1)      Enable the Rider to have Strong Grip on The Handles:

Motorcycle gloves are considered to be very important means of having a strong grip on the handles of the motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle depends on your skill of controlling a motorcycle and it only happens by having a strong grip of your hands on the handles of the motorcycle. Motorcycle gloves thus enable you to fully control your motorbike especially during long distant traveling.

2)      Convenient Ride during Rain:

Motorcycle gloves that are made from nylon or polyester enable the rider to conveniently travel in the rain. There is available a large variety of these motorcycle gloves made in beautiful designs and shapes. These water proof gloves keep the hand dry in rain thus retaining the strong grip of rider on the motorcycle’s handles. Water proof Men’s bike gloves are available in the market in many styles.

3)      Can be Used in Warm Weather Conditions:

In very hot conditions, the conventional motorcycle gloves might prove inconvenient that do not provide ventilation facility to the rider’s hands. There are now available motorcycle gloves with perforated backs or different ventilated areas on them. These vented motorcycle gloves enable the rider to have dry hands during ride. You can find a large variety of half fingered gloves also to be worn in very warm weather conditions.  

4)      Add Style to Rider’s Personality:

Considering to give a stylish appearance to the rider and the motorcycle, where the motorcycle luggage bags are made in different attractive styles, this motorcycle apparel is also provided with stylish looks. The half fingered leather gloves look very stylish to be worn during the ride. These gloves hence provide the rider with a stylish and eye catching look of his/her hands.

A rider should be very vigilant about the quality of the motorcycle apparels and viking saddle bags to have their full functionality.

Hard Saddlebags Enabling You to Have Secure, Stylish and Convenient Traveling

Are you satisfied with the appearance and protection level of your motorcycle luggage? There are available different kinds of motorcycle luggage in the market which may carry your luggage safely but there is a type of motorcycle bags which not only provide protection to the luggage but also enhance the appearance of your motorcycle. These are the Hard Saddlebags having strong and robust exterior. You can give an entire new look to your motorcycle along with these hard bags. Following are given some of the characteristics of these hard bags which prove these t0 be a preferred choice of riders who want security and style at one place:

1)      Can be Used with all Kinds of Motorcycles:

Hard saddlebags are now available for all kinds of motorcycles. You can have a matching colored pair of hard saddlebags which enable you to have a stylish appearance of your motorcycle. These motorcycle bags now come in universal fitting that enable make them compatible with all motorcycles.

2)      Can be Given A Customized Look By The Rider:

These saddlebags hard enough, enable the rider in giving a customized look of the motorcycle along with these saddlebags. Here are available different shapes of these hard saddlebags. A rider may give an entirely new look including the saddlebags and saddlebag.

3)      Capable to be Locked giving maximum Protection to the Luggage:

These bags are capable to provide maximum protection to the carried luggage as these are lockable saddlebags. These lockable saddlebags keep the belongings safe from unauthorized access.  You can now carry your precious belongings through these lockable motorcycle bags.

4)      Can be Attached Using Disconnect Brackets:

The hard bags can be attached with a motorcycles by throw over mounting method in which the disconnect brackets are used along with other kinds of motorcycle. You can use same kind of disconnect brackets for Honda Shadow bags because these hard bags are available in universal fitting.

5)      Fixedly Attached Saddlebags:

The hard saddlebags can also be attached with the motorcycle using fixed mounting method. This mounting method is very useful for carrying luggage for having a long distant traveling enabling the rider to have a convenient ride. As these fixed mounted motorcycle bags are attached through bolts, there would be very rare chances of these fixed hard bags to get detached from the brake during the traveling at high speed.

Before purchasing these hard vikingbags the rider should have an idea about the reputed sellers in the market to have a pair of quality saddlebags. To learn more about hard saddlebags for motorcycles, click here.

Some Important Points to be Considered before Purchasing A Motorcycle Vest

Motorcycle Vest is considered to be the most stylish motorcycle apparel. It is available in different styles in the market. Motorcycle Vest  is very useful to be used when one does not want to wear a motorcycle jacket in warm weather conditions. As vests are sleeve-less, these enable the rider to have a ventilated ride during traveling. Vest allows the rider to have a stylish as well as secure look of him/her. There is a wide variety of these vests in the market. Following points should be considered before purchasing a Motorcycle Vest:

1)      Purchase Good Quality Leather Vests:

In market there are available motorcycle vests of different quality. Leather vests are considered best for having a secure ride during traveling. It is better to have good quality pure leather vest so that you could use it for long.

2)      Prefer to Have Adjustable Vests:

It is very beneficial to use adjustable vests. You can adjust the fitting of an adjustable vest according to your body structure. You can loosen your vest to wear it over extra clothes and can again tighten it for using alone. This feature helps a lot in having a convenient ride as you will certainly feel inconvenience in a tightly fitted motorcycle vests. Both Women’s and Men’s motorcycle vest with adjustable features are available in the market.

3)      Vest Should be of Proper Length:

A Motorcycle vest should be of proper length. If the vests are shorter than your body length then you may feel inconvenience during the ride. It does not look nice also when you are wearing a slightly short-length vest and your clothes are coming out during the ride.

4)      Select a Reflective Vest to Increase Your visibility on the Road:

Most of the accidents on the road occur due to non-visibility issues. Dark colored motorcycle apparels are a major cause of it because they do not increase the visibility of the rider on the road. To avoid this issue one should select hard vikingbags of bright colors and motorcycle vest having reflective patches on them helping the rider to have increased visibility on the road.

Select a vest that is Stylish as well as Secure:

There are now available motorcycle leather vests which provide both style and protection to the rider during traveling. You should select these stylish vests which are available both in simple designs and glamorous looks as well.


One should consider above points before purchasing a motorcycle vest. You should know about the reputed manufacturers to purchase the high quality apparels and Motorcycle Bags luggage.

Some Arguments in Favor Sissy Bar Bags

For selecting the right kind of motorcycle luggage, a rider should know about certain things. First he/she should have an idea of the quantity of luggage which can be frequently needed to carry along the motorcycle, means the rider should be clear about the required space for carrying the luggage, second the rider should know about the different kinds of motorcycle bags available in the market that could be a suitable means for carrying the required amount of belongings. Among the large variety of motorcycle luggage bags, fashionable sissy bar bags enable the rider to have a convenient ride because of following reasons:

1)      Facilitate the Rider to be Used as Back Rest:

As this bag is attached with the sissy bar of the motorcycle, you can use this bag as a backrest during the ride. It enables the rider to have a convenient ride.

2)      Can be Installed Easily:

You don’t need to use any bolts and other kinds of tools in the installment of these motorcycle bags. All you need is to have a sissy bar pad to be used for attaching this bag with the motorcycle. To attach large sized sissy bag with the motorcycle the sissy bar of your motorcycle should be of appropriate length so that the bag could be righteously attached with the motorcycle.

3)      Capable to be Expanded:

When you have to carry large amount of luggage along with the motorcycle, you can expand the luggage carrying space of your motorcycle by attaching further motorcycle bags on the top of the attached sissy bar bag. These bags are provided with side openings for easily taking the belongings in and out of the trendy sissy bar bag.

4)      Serve the Rider as a Mobile Luggage Bag:

You can use your sissy bar bag as an ordinary luggage bag also when you are off the road. Separate Wheels can be attached with these kinds of motorcycle bags facilitating the rider to conveniently take these bags along with him or her.

5)      Enable the Rider to Carry Maximum Luggage:

These bags enable the rider to carry maximum amount of luggage because of the large number of pockets made on these bags. These pockets also enable the rider to have an organized management of small sized belongings of the rider.


After going through the above mentioned points, a rider should purchase all kinds of viking bags from reliable manufacturer. The reason is that only the reliable sellers provide the good quality motorcycle bags. Click here to know more about it.

Swing Arm Bags Considered Best for Carrying Small Amount of Luggage

Have you tried different types of motorcycle luggage for carrying your luggage along with your motorcycle? There is a huge variety of motorcycle luggage available in the market that facilitates the rider with different level of capacity and security for carrying belongings. One of the widely adopted motorcycle bags is swing arm bag. These bags are easily available in the market in reasonable prices. Users of these swing arm bags can tell that how beneficial these bags are for carrying the routine used and average sized belongings of the rider. Below are given some of the reasons for using these bags:

1)      Provide Dual Functionality:

These bags facilitate the rider with dual functionality. How convenient it becomes if you could use your motorcycle bag also as a shoulder bag. Yes these bags can be used as a motorcycle bag and a shoulder bag at the same time. You have to just attach shoulder strap with your swing arm bag which is easily available in the market.

2)      Easy Attachment and Detachment:

A sissy bar bag can be easily attached and detached from the motorcycle. You can easily remove your swing arm bag if you want to install viking saddle bags to your motorcycle. Thus save time and effort of the rider due to this feature.

3)      Facilitate the Rider to Carry Small Sized Belongings:

Swing arm bags are small in size as compared to other luggage bags like saddlebags, sissy bar bags and trunks. Swing arm bag carries small sized belongings of the rider in an organized manner. You can carry your lunch box for your office in this bag.

4)      Easily Maintainable Leather Bags:

As this motorcycle bag is made of leather, the rider can easily maintain these bags by using different leather products like leather conditioners, cleaners many more. Leather made products can be made durable only if they are made of pure leather secondly using high quality leather products for their maintenance. If you want your swing arm bags to be functional for long periods of time then keep these leather made bags moisturized using leather conditioner. This leather product retains the moisture of the leather bags.

Above are given some of the reasons for using swing arm bags for carrying small sized belongings of the rider. These bags enable the rider to have a sole look of his/her motorcycle as a fashionable swing arm bag is attached in single means one sissy bar bag is used with the one motorcycle. Visit here to learn more.

Swing Arm Bag Available in Variety of Designs

Are you fond of having sole appearance of your motorcycle? If yes then you might not feel comfortable using the commonly available motorcycle bags like Trunks, saddlebags, sissy bar bags and others which alter the appearance of your motorcycle by their attachment on the motorcycles. One thing more matters much; the rider’s requirement to carry luggage. There are many motorcycle bags which facilitate the rider to carry little amount of belongings along with the motorcycle. One of these bags is Swing Arm Bag from Motorcycle House. As is shown by the name, this bag is attached with the swing arm of the motorcycle and does not affect the appearance of motorcycle to larger extent. Following are given some of the characteristics of Sissy bar bags:

1)      Available in Beautiful Leather Exterior:

The sissy bar bags are made by pure leather. Theses leather bags are available in variety of designs and can be easily attached with the motorcycle.

2)      Enable the Rider to Carry Small Sized Belongings:

As these bags are available in small sizes as compared to saddlebags, trunks and sissy bar bags, the rider can carry small sized his/her important belonging s.

3)      Capable to be Maintained Easily:

The leather made Trendy Swing Arm bags can easily be maintained by using a variety of leather products available in the market. The conditioners made for leather retain the moisture of external leather covering of these bags. Furthermore leather cleaners and soaps are easily available in the market.

4)      Serve as a Shoulder Bag:

These bags can also be used as shoulder bag by attaching shoulder straps with them. It enables the rider to carry this bag along with him/her in case of carrying some precious and valuable belongings. Or you can keep you documents in this bag and take it along with you inside the office.

5)      Availability in Variety of Shapes and Designs:

This Stylish motorcycle bag is available in a variety of shapes and designs on Vikingbags. The most commonly used shape in these bags is slanted which gives the motorcycle a stylish appearance.

6)      Easy attachment and Detachment:

This motorcycle Bag can easily be attached with the motorcycle. There are provided the installation tools along with the swing arm bags. However the rider can install these bags according to his/her choice of installation method.

Above mentioned swing arm bags have appearance like that of the Viking Saddle Bags have but Swing Arm Bags are used in single with the motorcycle.

Hard Harley Dyna Saddlebags Having a Variety of Features

Harley motorcycles are one of the widely used motorcycles because of their gorgeous appearance. These motorcycles are available in the market in many models among which Harley Dyna is considered to be the most appealing Harley motorcycle for the ride. This motorcycle enables the rider to have a smooth ride. Sometimes the rider needs a motorcycle bags that could carry his/her important belongings during traveling. Stylish Harley Dyna Saddlebags made of fiber glass are considered best to be used with a Harley Dyna motorcycle as these bags are provided in pairs. So using these bags the rider can carry maximum amount of luggage as compared to all other motorcycle luggage.

Following are some of the features of Hared Harley Dyna Bags:


1)      Provide Substantial Space for Carrying Luggage:

These motorcycle bags are made to provide enough space to the rider for carrying maximum amount of luggage. These spacious bags enable the rider to carry more than the required amount of belongings whenever required. A biker just has to choose right sized Harley bags according to his/her luggage carrying requirement.


2)      Available with Built-in Locking System:

These modish motorcycle saddle bags are provided with built-in locking system. A person can carry his/her precious and valuable belonging in these lockable saddlebags. Thus these bags ensure full protection of the carried belongings. The rider can freely move away from the motorcycle after locking these bags.


3)      Can be given Customized Appearance:

These hard saddlebags are available in different colors and can also be painted in any color of the rider’s choice. Customized looks can be given to these bags by the rider. Thus you can have an entire new look of your motorcycle whenever you want.


4)      Capable to be Attached Conveniently:

Harley Dyna bags can be conveniently installed on the motorcycle by using metallic disconnect brackets. These brackets enable the rider to easily attach and detach the hard saddlebags of the motorcycle. It saves the time as well as effort of the rider.


5)      Enable the Rider to have a Smooth Ride:

If you want to have a smooth and uninterrupted ride having this kind of saddlebags then fixed mounting method should be preferred in which the bags are strongly attached with the motorcycle through bolts. It also reduces the threat of the detachment of hard vikingbags during traveling at high speed thus saving the rider from facing an unpleasant situation.


To ensure a safe ride using these hard bags, the rider should properly check that whether the bolts through which these saddlebags are attached with the motorcycle are tightened enough or not.If you want to get more information then please Click Here